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Sports massage is a specific treatment involving manipulation of soft tissue. It is designed to help rebalance damage and trauma to soft tissue, in particular those caused by repetitive and strenuous activities.

Its application beore and after activitiy promotes physical, physiological, neurological and psychological changes.


During a treatment, range of movement and posture will be assessed. Oils or gels may be used to massage and manipulate the tissues. Weak and restricted areas will be located and treated appropriately.


Exercises and stretching will be discussed if necessary.

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Once an injury or weakness has presented itself, it needs to be identified and then managed correctly to ensure rapid healing.

CHRONIC MANAGEMENT: long standing conditions which may recur are treated using deep tissue massage, manual lymph drainage, low level laser & LED treatments, strapping and kinesiotaping, manipulation, Trigger Point Release, soft tissue release, neuromuscular, myofascial release and muscle energy techniques. Bowen therapy is also used to rebalance and re communicate body tissues. Exercises for rehab are suggested.

ACUTE MANAGEMENT: when the injury is recent and inflammation is present, treatments may involve ice packs, hot wraps and bandaging as well as the use of compression garments, oils, gels such as arnica, menthol or pain relieving oils. Manual lymph drainage for accelerated reduction of swelling, inflammation and pain.

kinesiotaping to a knee injury

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