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We are frequently investing in more exciting developments in the world of Lymphatics and Adipose Fat disorders including Vascular/arterial diagnostics, Hypermobility related illnesses & Gut Microbiome. Keep popping back here to see updates. Thank you!​ 




Situated at the Foot of the Stunning Malvern Hills, The Malvern Surgeries hosts a plethera of knowledge and facilities for your Healthcare.


Working closely with local GPs and Consultants to deliver the very best practice in Lymphoedema & Lipoedema Excellence and Podiatry Care. 

Stay Healthy, Informed and in Control with The Lighter Touch in Malvern





Proud to be a trainer at the LTA (Lymph Training Academy) in Staffs. Working with evidence based Medical Lymph Drainage and Manual Lymph Drainage for the targetted treatments of Lymphoedema, Lipoedema and Complex combined Oedemas. Full Lymphoedema Management Training courses for Manual Therapists, Nurses, OTs & Physios. Also, Full Lipoedema Training courses. Understanding this complex condition and challenging its treatment. Paving the way to Best Practice protocols.


About The Lighter Touch....

Karen Cooper has been a Health Practitioner since 1995.

Qualified in Aromatherapy & Therapeutic Massage, followed by Manual Lymph Drainage & Multi-layer & Two layer Compression Bandaging at the Dr. Vodder School in Austria in 2000.

This was recognised by the NHS as a valuable treatment and so Karen became the sole NHS Lymphoedema Practioner in Worcestershire for many years. Now working with NHS patients, privately funded and BUPA registered patients. She is currently a full DLT/CDT member of MLD UK and the British Lymphology Society (BLS) & Lipoedema UK.

In 2004 she trained in Colon Hydrotherapy and is a member of the Colonic Association (ARCH) and CNHC (Complementary & Naturopathic Heatlhcare Council) and FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapies).

She is trained to use Photobiomodulation, Low Level Laser, Deep OscillationKinesiotaping, Sports Massage & Injury, Hopi Ear Candling and  Bowen Technique

Always ahead of new developments, in 2019 Karen trained and qualified in Fluoroscopy Guided Medical Lymph Drainage (FG MLD) This is the most exciting changes in Lymphoedema management in 20 years.

Please click here for more details.


More recently Karen has been involved in an exclusive new training course for the diagnostics and full management of LIPOEDEMA. This is the first time this course has ever been run and involved a plethera of world renound international professors, consultants and doctors. Our knowledge and understanding is ever expanding which can only lead to better treatment practices. 


At The Lighter Touch we also offer Ultrasound Therapy, Full Doppler and ABPI Assessments for Vasular Health and Intermittent Pheumatic Compression Therapy.

Here at the Lighter Touch we can help you take control of your health. We feel that by empowering you with knowledge and giving you the appropriate treatment plan you can feel good about your self and live the life you want to live.


Working closley with The Malvern Surgeries Podiatry Clinic and Senior Podiatrist David Williams, together we can assess Circulatory Complications, Complex and Chronic Oedema, Diabetic complications and a whole array of Dermatogical Conditions to name a few.



We are situated in Great Malvern with a spectacular vista and offer treatments in















Our services are designed not simply to provide therapeutic healing but also to deliver preventative measures to maintain your wellbeing and increase your performance levels.

ROOMS available at The Malvern Surgeries. 

We are a multi disciplinary practice and would be complimented by other dedicated practitioners such as physiotherapy, osteopath, chiropracter, herbalist or acupuncturist. ~Please email for details or call 01684 561342 to enquire.

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