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Photobiomodulation (PBM) used to be called Low Level Laser Therapy & Cold Laser) is a non thermal, photochemical method of stimulating cells.

In particular it stimulates the mitochondria (central power house of each cell) which is responsible for cellular energy (ATP). It works on a protein called cytochrome c oxidase to encourage ATP and reduce oxidative stress thus reducing inflammation.

After PBM or the cells have increased metabolism and can survive stressful conditions better.

overall, it will encourage rapid healing of tissues, nerves, tendons, ligaments, muscle, bone and wounds. It has an effect on scar tissue (even old scarring) and allows nutrients to be absorbed rapidly, thus softening fibrotic tissue.

It reduces pain, swelling and inflammation as well as heals wounds.


It has a stimulating effect on macrophage production and so enourages reduction of oedema.

Its effects are cumulative, which allows for long term healing.


we use both 3B Laser (specific invisible infrared light) and LED (visible and invisible ranges) depending on what results are required.

Laser works well on pain by blocking neural messages whilst LED then heals and repairs tissue. 


NICE recommends PBM for the treatment of oral mucisitis (a harsh side effect from chemotherapy); neck pain & osteoarthritis.

we also see favourable results using PBM for orofacial pain, TMJ, oral infections, and necrosis.



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