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Kinesiotape has a unique glue which is patterened in trailing ridges across its length.

When applied, it lifts the skin slightly to allow drainage of congestive fluids away from a swollen or painful site.

This reduces swelling, inflammation, pain and also acts as a support for weak or injured joints or limbs.


It is water resistant up to 5 days and so can be worn in the shower, bath or during wet activities such as swimming.

As it is so thin it is very comfortable to wear.


Kinesiotape is available in various colours such as pink, flesh, blue and black.


It is especially useful for applying to

  • Breast & Abdominal Oedema
  • Painful & inflammed Joints
  • Injured limbs/joints
  • Scar Tissue
  • Post Operative Procedures
  • Bruising

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