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Colon Hydrotherapy (also called colonic irrigation) is a complete cleansng of the colon (large intestine) using warm, purified filtered water.

This process is done with modern, safe equipment.

Its aim is to soften old hardened faecal matter and dead cells left in the intestinal folds and evacuate them without pain or effort. it also washes out mucous, gasses, parasites and toxic waste.

Not only does it directly clear out the colon but it creates such a healthy environment in the body that the skin becomes clearer, breath sweeter, it helps with respiratory problems, general energy increases, along with mental clarity. Symptoms of bloatedness impress, circulatory and lymphatic disorder also benefit.

What to expect from a Colonic

Colonic Hydrotherapy consists of warm purified water which flows slowly into the bowel, massaging the bowel as it does so. This gives the message to the colon that it needs emptying.

As the muscular wall of the colon is exercised, it then contracts and the water and any stools & putrified matter are then released. The abdomen is usually massaged during a colonic to help loosen any trapped wind or hardened stools.


A treatment will last around 45mins, although sometimes longer.


You will be treated with discretion and the utmost respect during a session.


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