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Multi-Layer Compression Bandaging

The application of Coban 2 bandages for lymphoedema is a fairly new concept. Quite simply it is used to treat lymphoedema and lipoedema in the same was as the traditional multi-layer bandaging but is possibly more practical. They are cohesive which means that they stay in place without slippage or unravelling. They are light and non bulky compared to other multi layer bandaging methods. The patient can carry on with normal work and leisure activities whilst in the intensive programme.


These bandages are applied twice a week for around 3 weeks. They are used to apply compression and reduce oedema in difficult areas such as breast and abdomen.


We are having very good results with this method of treatment and as these bandages are available on prescription it makes the treatment very affordable.

For more details please click on the following link "coban patient information".

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